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Apple: Is it planning to launch a fully autonomous vehicle in 2025?

Apple Car project: According to information, the Apple plans to launch a fully autonomous vehicle in 2025.

Apple is once again at the center of discussions, as it is said that the company accelerates the development of its electric car by focusing on fully autonomous driving.

In recent years, the Apple car development team has considered two alternatives: creating a model with limited autonomous driving capabilities (like many of the existing cars) or a version that allows fully autonomous driving, without the need for human intervention.

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Apple standalone vehicle

According to Bloomberg sources, the company seems to be focusing on the second alternative.

This is the latest change in the car project, known as “Project Titan", Which has already seen several changes in strategy and alternation of executives from about 2014. In September, the former team leader, Doug field, left the company. His place was taken by Kevin Lynch, who was already an Apple executive but in another field.

It is said that Apple is accelerating its work to release a fully autonomous vehicle soon. The giants of technology and the automotive industry have spent years working on autonomous vehicles, but their capabilities remain relatively limited. Apple wants to stand out.

It is said that Apple aims to release its standalone vehicle within the next four years. But this is something that can change. Achieving this goal for 2025 depends on the company's ability to complete the autonomous driving system, an ambitious project for this schedule. If Apple fails to achieve its goal, it could either delay the release of the standalone Apple car or initially sell a car with less advanced technology.

Apple wants to launch a fully autonomous vehicle in 2025

According to Bloomberg, the ideal Apple car will not have a steering wheel and pedals and its interior will be designed around hands-free driving. One suggestion discussed at the company is for passengers to sit on the sides of the vehicle and face each other, as they would in a limousine.

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Apple has also explored plans where infotainment system The car - most likely a large touch screen like the iPad - would be in the middle of the vehicle, allowing users to interact with it all the way. Although it has been suggested that there is no steering wheel, some believe that the car should also be equipped with a steering wheel for emergencies.

In addition, the company is said to have completed much of the basic work for him processor which it intends to sell to the first generation of the car.

The chip was designed by the team of engineers at Apple, which has also dealt with processors for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and not by the specialized team that deals with the Apple car project.

The Apple car chip is the most advanced component the company has developed and consists mainly of neural processors that can handle the artificial intelligence required for autonomous driving.

The hope is to develop a vehicle that will allow customers not to get tired of driving when making long trips. But building a real car from a company like Apple, which does not belong to the automotive industry, will require collaborations. The company has discuss with many manufacturers and has considered manufacturing the vehicle in the US.

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Apple car
Apple wants to launch a fully autonomous vehicle in 2025

Even with the recent progress, the creation of a fully autonomous car by 2025 is considered a very ambitious plan. Some people at Project Titan are skeptical about the schedule.

Η safety is an important piece of the puzzle. Apple is trying to create stronger security measures than those available from Tesla, say the engineers involved in the effort.

Finally, in the context of the effort to accelerate the Apple car project, the company hires more engineers.

Source: Bloomberg

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