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How to clear cache on your iPhone?

iPhone cache

Η clear cache can improve his condition iPhone and iPad your. Older temporary files take up space and may affect the speed and efficiency of the browser and other applications your. See how to clear the cache on your iPhone and iPad.

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The iPhone saves cache for the sites you visit, to load them quickly every time you reopen them. Something similar applies to applications that receive new updates. However, after a while, the cache needs to be cleared as there may be problems. Loading times for websites and applications are increasing. Clearing frees up storage space and overall offers smoother performance.

How to clear it browser cache on iPhone?

Removing old temporary files from your browser can restore page load speeds to normal and make room for newer files.

See how to clear Safari, Chrome and Edge?

Liquidation cache in Safari

To get started, open “SettingsOn your iPhone or iPad.

Select “Safari".

Scroll down and select “Clear History and Website Data“. Keep in mind that this will result in the deletion of all browsing history and cookies.

iPhone cache

Click on the pop-up window for confirmation.

Liquidation cache in Google Chrome

Open the browser Google Chrome and click on the three dots in the lower right corner.

Select “Settings".

Go to the section "Privacy".

Select “Clear Browsing Data".

iPhone cache

Select “Time Range”And click on“All Time“. Then select the items you want to delete. Keep in mind that removing passwords, browsing data, and autofill will also delete them in Chrome on PC or Mac if you have synchronization enabled.

Click on the red "Clear Browsing DataAt the bottom and do confirmation.

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Liquidation cache in Microsoft Edge

Open the browser Microsoft Edge on your iPhone.

Press the three dots in the center on the bottom line.

Select “Settings”From the menu that appears.

Click on “Privacy and Security".

iPhone cache

Select “Clear Browsing Data".

iPhone cache

Click on “Time Range”And select“All Time“. Select the items you want to remove from Microsoft Edge.

Click on “Clear NowAt the bottom to remove unwanted data.

Liquidation cache for third-party applications on iPhone

Several third-party applications have a cache clearing option to ensure a smooth experience on your iPhone. This option is either in the application Settings of the phone either within the application itself. For example, you can make the official Twitter application faster on your iPhone by clearing the cache.

  • Open the official Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad. Click on your profile picture in the upper left corner.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy".
  • Click on “Accessibility, Display, and Languages".
  • Click on “Data Usage".
  • In unit "storage", Select"Media Storage".
  • Click on “Clear Media Storage”And click on the message to confirm.

Repeat the same process for "Web Page Storage" and choose whether you want to remove all the data from the Twitter application or only from the sites you visited in it.

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In addition to clearing browser and app cache, you can create space and improve iPhone performance in other ways:

Delete and reinstall applications

There are not many applications that offer the option to clear the cache within the application settings. So in order to be able to do the liquidation, you have to delete an application and reinstall it. This process will clear the cache and other files.

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