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Why is buying a PlayStation 5 (PS5) even more difficult?

In November 2020, it was released PlayStation 5 (PS5). Although it has been on the market for a year now, the PS5 is still hard to find and now it seems that the problem will become more acute. According to a new Bloomberg report, Sony has changed its PS5 production targets and decided to reduce production by 1 million units (from 16 million units to about 15 million). Previously, the Japanese company had set a goal to sell 14,8 million PS5 by March 2022, but this will be difficult as production declines.

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PlayStation 5 PS5 market

The news seems to fit some statements of Sony Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki totoki, who told investors last month that shortages and supply issues have begun to become more pronounced and that possible future limitations associated with COVID-19 could have additional implications for PS5 production.

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However, despite the problems created by COVID-19 and the global lack of chip, PlayStation 5 managed to become Sony's fastest-selling console, surpassing 10 million sales in July. This suggests that Sony supply issues may be related primarily to outrageous demand rather than limited production.

However, in the last quarter sales have decreased.

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Buyers have had difficulty finding the PlayStation 5 on the market from the beginning. For a long time, the popular console was only available online and when it arrived at retail stores, it disappeared immediately.

Lack of basic components and a reduction in production by 1 million units will definitely make it more difficult to buy a PS5. If we take into account that a festive season is approaching and that many will rush to get a console, things will become even more difficult.

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