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NASA: Postpones the manned mission to the Moon for 2025

Η NASA announced on Tuesday that manned mission to the Moon is scheduled for 2025. This announcement shows that the space agency is delaying the mission by one year, since initially the Trump administration had said that the mission would take place in 2024.

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NASA manned mission Moon

Ο Bill nelson, the head of NASA, said in a teleconference that the goal of the Trump administration to land man on the Moon in 2024, can not be fulfilled.

NASA has planned a series of missions to the moon through it Artemis program. The mission Artemis I, a test flight that will not carry astronauts, was scheduled for this year, but now the agency says it will not take place until spring of 2022.

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Nelson also said the test manned mission Artemis II is planned for him May of 2024. Finally, the mission Artemis III, which will transport astronauts to the surface of the Moon for the first time in many years, will not take place earlier than 2025.

NASA: Postpones the manned mission to the Moon for 2025

NASA said that this delay is due in part to the months of litigation between the agency and Jeff Bezos's company, Blue Origin. Nelson said this situation resulted in the loss of nearly seven months of work with Elon Musk's SpaceX. SpaceX is working with NASA on this mission to the Moon, but due to Blue Origin pipelines, the work was left behind.

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SpaceX won a contract in April $ 2,9 billion for NASA's Human Landing System program, developing a variant of the Starship rocket to transport astronauts to the Moon.

Last week it became known that the federal court dismissed the action of Blue Origin v. NASA and thus paved the way for continued collaboration with SpaceX.

Source: CNBC

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