HomerapidshareTurkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store

Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store

The Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer, whose name has occupied much public opinion in recent years due to his hacking attacks, makes defacement in WikiLeaks online store in order to express its opposition to the existence of the website.

The hacker, it seems, has a reason to hack the WikiLeaks e-shop as in the image he chose to use in the defaced subdomain he characterizes the organization as "greedy". RootAyyildiz is furious with the existence of the online shop as it believes that managers are trying to make money and exploit the world through a hacktivist activity whose purpose was to create the common good.

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Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store
Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store: Defaced page screenshot

The Turkish hacker does not let anything fall down and through his recent attack he leaves his own comment against the WikiLeaks online store. Specifically, from yesterday Monday anyone who visits several subdomains of the website will encounter the following image which states:

 "You are greedy people, you are a bunch of brokers who treat people like heroes and want to earn money by selling products to them" (You are greedy people, you are brokers who treat people like heroes and want to make money selling their products [ Translation])

Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store: Defaced page screenshot

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In the image you can not help but notice the image of Julian Assange, probably as a sign of protest by RootAyyildiz, but also a modern song that completes the defacement.

According to exclusive information from SecNews, o RootAyyildiz managed to distort the site after using social engineering against Shopify, a service for the creation and operation of online stores.

It is not yet known if the hacker still maintains unauthorized access to the online shop servers but also if sensitive personal data of customers and employees have been stolen.

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Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz hacks WikiLeaks online store
hacker RootAyyildiz

The Turkish hacker, who has caused a stir with his attacks on the websites of Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Larnaca Airport hermesairports.com, is a significant cyber threat to those who oppose him while he does not hesitate to give voice to his beliefs. , whether religious, political or social.

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer is also known as "The father of Turkish hackers". He has earned this title thanks to his skills and successful attacks. He is one of the most recognizable hackers in the world, carrying out high-profile attacks on government targets. He has certainly caught the eye of many law enforcement agencies with his actions, due to his successful hacking attacks. For hackers he is a strong opponent who with each successful attack, raises the bar even higher while for his victims / targets, his name causes terror and anxiety.

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What is defacement?

A defacement attack is a kind of "vandalism" of a website, where hackers penetrate the website and replace its content with their own messages. It is usually used to cover something bigger, in the background, and the messages may convey a political or religious message, inappropriate content, or a notice that the site has been compromised.

Content alteration is usually achieved by using SQL injection and logging in to the administrator account. Common targets of defacement attacks are government figures and websites, or religious websites, and attacks are most often carried out by hacktivists, who prefer large pages with many viewers.

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