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The best parental control apps on the market

In the age of technology, most of us have contact with some form of electronic device. And of course children are no exception to this rule.

Parents often allow their children to have a device with which they can connect to the internet and play games, listen to music or communicate with their friends. However, many times they worry about things like cyberbullying or the extra time their children spend in front of the screen.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of parental control apps that can untie a parent's hands and make them feel safer when their child uses the family tablet or smartphone.

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And remember that new dangers are constantly emerging, so educate your children about social media safety from an early age.

There are many different parental control apps that can meet your needs, depending on what your biggest concern is.

If your desire is for better parental control, time constraints, adjusting various monitoring settings, and receiving immediate alerts for unusual or dangerous activity, then FamilySafe is a good choice. FamiSafe is the number one choice and one of the most comprehensive applications for monitoring your child's phone usage. Featuring tracking history and suspicious activity to enforce time limits, FamiSafe has a lot to offer parents and is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Kindle Fire devices.

If you're worried about how much time kids spend in front of the screen, FamiSafe can track and limit usage time and add apps to a to-do list. Parents can find out how much time their children spend on their devices per day, week or month and can see which applications they spend the most time on.

Armed with this information, parents can easily create extensive rules for usage time, as well as block applications. It is an extremely powerful tool for parents dealing with children who spend many hours on their devices. In terms of parental control, parents with iOS and Android devices now have the ability to restrict individual applications and in-app purchases. They can also track browsing history and enable SafeSearch on devices iOS.

FamiSafe also has a content management feature that prevents in-app purchases in the App Store and blocks inappropriate content in Apple Books. Parents can also receive different types of alerts on their mobile phones when children visit suspicious websites, watch blocked YouTube videos, or install unknown applications. FamiSafe is ideal for parents who have to watch many children at the same time. Parents can see the main online activities of many children in the parental control panel and do not need to switch between different devices.

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If your concern is internet browsing and social media security, Qustodio is the best free parental control app for you.

The software is available for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle devices and provides a complete toolbar to help you track your child's online activity. The free version lets you track your child's Facebook and Twitter connections and set time controls.

Qustodio Premium also lets you track your child's location, block certain games and applications, track calls and text messages, messages, and more.

If all you need is to filter web content and set Internet time limits for many children and devices, one of the best parental control apps for you is ContentWatch Net Nanny 7 with Family Protection Pass. This software system can be installed on up to 10 different PC, Mac or Android devices.

The software allows you to create different profiles / links for each of your children and automatically filters web content for each user based on whether it fits the Child, Teenager, Teenager or Adult profile. It also allows you to "cover" the profanity in websites. You can set time limits on the Internet for each child, using a weekly grid divided into 30-minute timelines.

The Family Protection Pass also comes with a one-year free license for Net Nanny Social, which can help you track your child's activity on social media sites.

If you want social media security and location tracking, this is the MamaBear app you need. It has so many useful features like social media tracking, location tracking and alerts and more.

With MamaBear you can follow the activity of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to know when they have new tags, check-in or upload photos. You can also know when inappropriate language or bullying is posted on their profiles by creating a limited list of words. You can even receive alerts when your teen is driving or driving over a speed limit you have set.

For those who are just worried about how much time their children spend on the device, Screen Time can help you with that. Screen Time allows parents to remotely monitor the time children spend on their mobile devices.

The app lets you set daily time limits, assign tasks to your kids to complete, see which apps your child uses the most, and more. In addition, it offers instant pause, allowing parents to immediately pause their child's devices.

If you want to find YouTube videos that are child-friendly and block ads and links, select YouTube Kids.

This version of YouTube offers a list of allowed videos with content suitable exclusively for children. There is also a whole range of parental controls so you can tailor the experience to your family needs. You can create custom profiles for the child, block channels or videos, keep tabs on watch history, enable or disable search, set a timer to limit children's screen time, report videos, and more.

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For those who are concerned about cyberbullying and cyber security monitoring, there is Bark. According to the Cyberbulling Prevention app page, Bark analyzes all of your kids' online activities to help detect cyberbullying.

It first takes into account a person's context and digital history to identify the real threats to it. It monitors 30+ of the most popular social media applications and platforms. Alert parents and children of both victims and perpetrators using Bark and provide action-based recommendations.

Often the solution is simple: block the perpetrator online. In some cases, an incident is serious enough for you to start gathering evidence of bullying if you need to take legal action.

Finally, if you want your child to become more aware of their obsession with the smartphone, there is Checky.

Teenagers are often addicted to their smartphones. Although you will probably never completely cure your child of obsession, you can help him find a healthier balance.

Checky is a free application that records how many times a day a user has checked their phone. You can compare how many times he looked at his cell phone during the day or share and compare your statistics with your friends and family.

Moment, available for iPhone and Break Free, available for Android and soon iOS are also similar apps that aim to support healthier habits on the smartphone.

We must not forget that technology has provided us with many valuable tools, such as some parental control apps, that can protect children from cyber threats.

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