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Facebook Messenger / Instagram: Users reported connection problems

The Instagram and the Facebook Messenger faced again connection problems yesterday. However, after a while, they were resolved. A representative of Meta (former Facebook) confirmed the existence of problems in his statement yesterday.

Facebook Messenger Instagram connection problems
Facebook Messenger / Instagram: Users reported connection problems

"Earlier today, some people may have had problems accessing WorkplaceChat, in Instagram DMs and Messenger. We fixed the problem as quickly as possible for all those affected. We know that people and businesses depend on our services around the world and we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.".

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What happened;

Yesterday, several users started reporting on social media that they had problems connecting to the messaging features of Instagram, Messenger and other services owned by Facebook (Meta).

The DownDetector He also mentioned the issues on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

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As usual, users rushed to share their grievances on Twitter.

"I assumed I had a problem with Messenger and Instagram until I searched with "Messenger down" on Twitter", Wrote a user on Twitter. Recently, Facebook faced another major shutdown. Users joked about the new problems, uploading various memes.

Facebook quickly confirmed that Messenger was indeed down. "No, your wifi is not turned off. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. #messengerdown", The official Messenger account on Twitter said on Wednesday.

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This latest seeming shutdown of Instagram DMs and Messenger follows one huge interruption which took place in October and resulted in all Facebook and its services to be down for many hours.

Facebook Messenger / Instagram: Users reported connection problems

However, these days, downtime is the smallest problem facing Facebook-Meta. The company has been in the spotlight since revelations of the former employee Frances Hagen on the negative effects of Instagram on teens. Haugen leaks have sparked a series of investigations into Facebook.

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