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Blue Origin: Plans to build a space station-business park

Η Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos and other partners, including Boeing and Sierra Space, revealed their plans for him new commercial space station Orbital Reef, which will function as “mixed use business park".

Blue Origin space station
Blue Origin: Plans to build a space station-business park

The new private space station will be built in low orbit above the Earth, and will offer trade, research and tourism services, according to an announcement by Blue Origin. The goal is to be built by the second half of the decade.

With a volume almost as large as his International Space Station, Blue Origin said Orbital Reef could to accommodate up to 10 people, providing separate areas for accommodation and conducting scientific research.

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Services include space transport and logistics, accommodation, equipment and business accommodation, including opening up new markets in space.

The new type of space architecture with large windows that will look at Earth, could allow travelers “to enjoy the beauty of our planet" and "to experience the thrill of zero gravity with absolute comfort", According to a newsletter released by Blue Origin.

The project hopes to offer unique commercial opportunities for a mixed market, such as creating space movies, opening a space hotel or conducting groundbreaking research.

"We will extend access, reduce costs and provide all the services and amenities needed for a smooth space flight. A vibrant business ecosystem will grow on a low trajectory, creating new discoveries, new products, new entertainmentSaid Brent Sherwood, senior vice president of advanced development programs at Blue Origin.

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Blue Origin Orbital Reef

However, Blue Origin and its partners have not yet revealed how much the space station-business park will cost.

Partners include Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions and Arizona State University.

The companies plan to use the spacecraft Starliner Boeing and the spacecraft Dream Chaser of Sierra Space to transport people and cargo to the commercial space station. Both aircraft have not yet been tested for their capabilities in human spaceflight.

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The Dream Chaser spacecraft, the Starliner spacecraft and the Blue Origin New Glenn launch system are expected to be the “backbone of transport", Noted the companies.

"This is exciting for us because this project does not copy the extremely successful and resilient ISS [International Space Station], but goes one step further to fulfill a unique position on Earth's low orbit, where it can serve a variety of companies and host non-specialist crew"He said John mulholland, Boeing vice president and program manager for the ISS.

Source: The Independent

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