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nrg - Motor Oil: Nationwide car charging network at Avin & Shell gas stations

Nrg is evolving into a complete energy provider and presents incharge, the largest nationwide car charging network! Motor Oil will utilize the Avin and Shell service station networks. Its goal is to develop 1.000 charging points by the end of 2022 and 2.000 charging points in five years.


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The goal is to "marry" its entire network but also to take advantage of the fact that the group produces energy itself - especially when the creation of the factory in Komotini is completed - having nrg as the spearhead in retail. The aim of the company is to become the largest and fastest "charger" of electric cars in Greece, covering all roads, as nrg executives stressed yesterday during the official presentation of the project at the Niarchos Foundation.

At a time when an "revolution" is being recorded internationally in the automotive industry through the shift to electric vehicles that will dominate in a few years, nrg utilizes the retail network and the infrastructure of the Motor Oil group by setting up chargers throughout Greece.

As he stressed in a conversation with journalists, general manager of nrg Anastasios Lostarakos"By 2025 I believe that sales of electric cars will balance sales of hybrids, while by 2030 30% of sales of all cars will be electric." According to him, today 5% of the cars sold are electric, having already exceeded the relevant target set for the year, while in the coming years this category will move at a galloping pace.

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The event was attended by the secretary general. Energy and Natural Resources, Alexandra Sdoukou, who among other things pointed out that "e-mobility is a strategic choice of the Greek government in our path towards the future of transportation, which is green, clean and sustainable. Our next big goal is the creation of an adequate and accessible network of charging infrastructures throughout the territory, a project for which we will first use resources of 80 million euros from the Recovery Fund. The role of the private sector will be catalytic. Initiatives, such as the one presented today by nrg, give a vote of confidence in our design and lay the foundations for making our journey in e-mobility a reality ".

The incharge service

Nrg presented yesterday the new innovative incharge application which is now the ultimate charging tool for the electric or plug-in hybrid car for the driver! Through the functions of the application and the online platform one can: find a charging point that serves him, choose the type of charging he wants, monitor the course of his charging, see his charging history, complete the payment of, to be served immediately.

Ο Elias Petris, Director of Strategy and Business Development, noted that "the future in Europe shows electrification. The approximately 1,5 million electric cars in circulation today will reach 2025 million by 70. In Greece, it is expected that by 2030, one in three cars sold will be electric, exceeding 300.000 vehicles. Those who make the transition to the electric car today can now feel comfortable, since the network of incharge charging stations will serve them with adequacy and perfection, providing the largest network of fast chargers in Greece. "The incharge network chargers, located at strategic points on the main highways, cover most of the road network and are able to charge an electric car at 80% of its capacity in less than half an hour."

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75% increase in twelve months

Speaking about the goals of nrg, Mr. Anastasios Lostarakos, pointed out that the company has the fastest growth rates in the market, as it expands the portfolio of both domestic and professional customers, having in October this year a 75% increase in cash, compared to 12 months ago levels. At the same time, he stressed that "we are increasing our market share to industrial consumers and the average trend, despite the adverse conditions we are experiencing in the energy sector and we are exponentially increasing our investments." It is noted that nrg has a 10% share in the middle trend (industry, supermarkets, department stores).

Nrg can now provide all the services related to electrification. Through the network it will offer complete services such as Platform Charging, Installation Service, Maintenance Services, Equipment Trading. As it was pointed out, for the first time the charging network of electric vehicles in Greece, exceeds the limits of the urban fabric, and spreads throughout the territory. The gas stations Shell & avin of the group Motor Oil but also many more open points throughout the country, are now the charging stations of electric vehicles.

More information regarding nrg can be found in the official website the company's!

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