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Apple: She refused to repair an iPhone she damaged?

According to Business Insider, Apple has been sued by an owner iPhone 12, who claims that the company refused to repair the phone despite the fact that the warranty was still valid and despite the fact that the company itself caused damage to the smartphone. The plaintiff claims that he bought the device in Vietnam in October 2020, and that the guarantee is valid until October 2022.

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Apple: She refused to repair an iPhone she damaged?

Apple refuses to repair the iPhone, while it seems that it has damaged it itself

The plaintiff says he took his iPhone 12 with him when he returned to the United States during the pandemic, and the phone had some problems reading an American SIM card. He called Apple and his company suggested he take the phone to an Apple Store, which he did.

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The store took the phone to the repair department and later returned it saying that Apple would not fix the iPhone because it was "broken". He did not give further explanations.

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However, when the owner received the phone, noticed that the "case" of the SIM card was broken. She lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​alleging that her case SIMs. was damaged while the phone was "in the hands" of Apple. Apple replied that if its technicians were to blame for the problem, they would have fixed it.

With the cancellation of the guarantee by Apple, the plaintiff offered to pay for the repair of his iPhone, but Apple rejected this as well. So he decided to send an email to the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, at the end of June. He never received an answer. Searching on Google, he found one blog written in 2012 by someone who had sued Apple.

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The iPhone owner thought it would be a good idea to file a lawsuit against Apple to get it right. Most likely, the outcome of the lawsuit will depend on whether the plaintiff will be able to convince the court that his phone was in the possession of Apple when he broke the specific part of the iPhone.

Source: PhoneArena 

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