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Easily fix gaps left by cheap 3D printers

If there is anything that characterizes his Stefan CNC Kitchen, is his method when working to improve XNUMXD printing processes or when trying to deal with a problem with a printer. And in this case, the problem is the gaps that are sometimes created when it is done 3D printing from a cheap printer.

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This printer is one Cetus MK3, a printer that has been purchased by many people due to its very low price and high quality linear bearings. Unfortunately, this printer still has a lot to improve and its tendency for inconsistent layers was one of its main drawbacks. Stefan, however, applied a systematic elimination process to find the root cause.

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The problem was minor and could probably be the cause of similar problems for other printers. Correction was also easy and completely mechanical, as it simply had to replace a few parts of the printer. He posted a video showing the whole change process, as well as comparisons before and after. Stefan also refers to an upcoming method of how to control Cetus from the control panel, which is also an interesting feat we want to see.

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If you have not seen any of Stefan's other 3D printing videos, you should really take a look at them. Whether it is to reduce vibrations with the use of concrete, to improve prints, or to use finite element analysis to optimize prints, it always has an interesting view on XNUMXD printing.

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