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You will soon be able to use Apple Music on PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is quite a popular game console because it is full of features. A favorite feature of many gamers is Spotify integration, so they can listen to music in supported games while playing or even listen to music while doing something else. There is a severe lack of other services if they want to listen to music. There is no possibility of TIDAL, Deezer and until recently there was no possibility of Apple Music service. However, that may change, as it looks like Apple Music may be coming to PlayStation 5 soon.

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Apple Music PlayStation 5

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A user at / r / AppleMusic subreddit detected the inclusion of an Apple Music setup button when creating a new account on a PlayStation 5. However, the button did not work and its selection displayed a message saying: “This application can only be played on PS4. ” Eurogamer tried to make the Apple Music account login option appear on the PlayStation 5 and managed to activate it by changing the area of ​​their console in the US. When they tried to turn it on again, it did not show up. The error that says it can only be played on PS4 is what occurs when an application is not currently available on PlayStation 5 and is standard, according to Eurogamer. Most PlayStation 5 apps are just PlayStation 4 apps that work with previous compatibility.

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As for when we will see this integration launch (if launched), it is likely to happen soon. Apple is holding an "Unleashed" event on October 18 and is likely to miss something about Apple Music on the PlayStation 5. Sony and Apple recently partnered on a promotion that saw PlayStation 5 owners receive six months of free Apple TV +. Apple Music is also available on many non-Apple platforms, so it makes sense that the company might want to diversify further. As the feature appears to some users, we may soon learn more about it.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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