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Windows 11: They will have multi-instance support for Android apps

Ever since Microsoft announced Windows 11 in June this year, we've been waiting for support for Android apps. While the feature ended up not launching in parallel with Windows 11 itself, Windows Insiders is supposed to be able to test it in the coming months. Meanwhile, screenshots of Android applications running Windows 11 have recently been found on the internet and seem to confirm multi-instance support.

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Windows 11

The images were shared by a user on the Chinese social network Billibilli, although at the moment they seem to have been removed. In the pictures, we see two social network apps running on Windows 11, but the most remarkable thing is that we see the WeChat application on the Windows 11 taskbar. You can see that WeChat works in two instances, apparently in two completely different parts of the application .

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Multi-instance support for Android applications in Windows 11 is really important, especially considering that many Android phones do not support this feature. This can help a lot with multitasking, as you will not have to stick to one app screen. However, we do not know the full extent of this feature or whether applications need to be specially programmed to support multiple app instances.

Other than that, we know that Android application windows will behave mostly like any other Windows application. You will be able to resize or click the windows on the side of the screen and pin the applications to the Start menu or taskbar. Applications will also be able to support mice, keyboards and more. However, it has not been confirmed whether an Android application will be able to use your webcam for video.

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Microsoft has not released any additional information about Android apps since the initial revelation, but in the meantime some tracks have been leaked. Windows Subsystem for Android was recently spotted on Microsoft Store so we have a first look at some of the reports published on the performance of Android apps on Windows 11. Hopefully the leak of these screenshots is an indication that Windows Windows Insiders will soon be able to test the feature.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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