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Apple's "Unleashed" event will take place on October 18

Apple has just made an announcement for its next special event, entitled "Unleashed“. The event will air from Apple Park on Monday, October 18th.

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As is often the case with Apple event invitations, trying to decipher what the new invitation means is a lot of fun. game. This burst of light that seems to be moving fast in the invitation is definitely a bit confusing, but it may be something completely different from what it looks like. And the word "Unleashed" could possibly be related to their performance M1X MacBook Pros rumored for a few months.

The latest rumors indicate a launch of the MacBook Pro in October this year, while we are still waiting to see a new pair of AirPods. Rumors of a third-generation cordless headset have been circulating for almost a year now.

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In fact, the SVP Apple Marketing, Greg Joswiak published a short video clip on Twitter showing the artwork for the invitation to the company's upcoming event.

Apple events in October traditionally focus on Mac models. This year it is possible to see new MacBook Pros and Mac Mini with the second generation Apple Silicon processor, rumored to be called M1X, as well as iPads. However, Apple just announced a new iPad and iPad Mini in September along with the iPhone 13 series.

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At the moment there is no way to know exactly what Apple is preparing to present at its new October event.

The event will take place next Monday 18/10 at 10:00 PT and 1 p.m. time ET.

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