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Facebook Whistleblower: Frances Haugen will testify in Europe

About 10 days ago her identity was revealed whistleblower of Facebook which gave the media a series of internal documents of the company. These documents prove that Instagram can be harmful for teens and this is something that Facebook knows about. Η Frances Haugen, Facebook whistleblower, is going to soon in Europe.

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Facebook Whistleblower Europe
Facebook Whistleblower: Frances Haugen will testify in Europe as well

After her appearance in Congress, Haugen is going to give information about Facebook and the legislators in the British Parliament, according to a new announcement.

He will appear before a parliamentary committee on October 25, and this will be the first time he will testify against the company in Europe.

Whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager, told a Senate committee last week that The company's leadership prioritizes "profits over the people" and called on lawmakers to intervene.

Her testimony comes after leaked (by herself) Facebook internal investigations to the Wall Street Journal. The company's research showed that Instagram is harmful for teenagers and especially for girls. The Wall Street Journal brought this data to light though various Facebook representatives tried to defend the company.

Over the weekend, Facebook's chief spokesman, Nick Clegg, said the company would add new features to keep teens away from harmful content, while encouraging users who are very busy with Instagram, to take a "break".

"There needs to be more transparency in decisions made by companies like Facebook when setting aside user safety to gain engagement"He said Damian Collins, British MP and chairman of the Joint Committee on the Government Internet Safety Bill.

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Frances Haugen testified Europe
Facebook Whistleblower: Frances Haugen will testify in Europe as well

The British government is now introducing new legislation requiring digital giants to ensure that will monitor and take action against illegal or harmful content on the internet. Otherwise, huge fines can be imposed.

EU lawmakers, meanwhile, have also summoned Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to appear in a hearing on November 8, although it is unclear whether he has accepted their request.

"Whistleblowers like Frances Haugen point to the urgent need to establish democratic rules for the online world in the interest of users", Said in a statement the Anna cavazzini, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee (of the European Parliament).

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"Her revelations showed her conflict between the business model of the platform and the interests of users".

The European Union has its own plans for managing Big Tech. Europe is working on two important laws, Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, designed to eliminate toxic content and increase competition.

Source: CNBC

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