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Texas COVID-19: Gov. Prohibits Compulsory Vaccination

Ο his governor Texas, Greg Abbott, issued an executive order decree late Monday, which prohibits any entity in the state (including private companies) from requiring mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, by customers or employees. However, the decree seems to apply only to this vaccine and not to the rest that a Texan citizen needs, such as seven vaccines which are mandatory for children to go to school.

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Texas COVID-19: Gov. Prohibits Compulsory Vaccination

With this decision, Greg Abbott comes into direct conflict with US President Joe Biden, who recently announced that all employees in companies with at least 100 people will need to be vaccinated soon.

Only 51,9% of Texas citizens are vaccinated against COVID-19, and the incidence continues to rise alarmingly. About 241 people in Texas die from it virus every day.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said he supports the COVID-19 vaccination and that Vaccines are safe and effective and the best defense against the virus. But the end of his statement states that does not support compulsory vaccination.

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"The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus, but it must remain voluntary and never forced".

compulsory vaccination COVID-19 Texas
Texas COVID-19: Gov. Prohibits Compulsory Vaccination

The full text of the executive order states:

"No entity in Texas may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination from any person, including an employee or consumer, who opposes such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, religious belief or for medical reasons, including COVID-19".

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This mandate comes at a time when a large proportion of American workers support mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 in the workplace.

Will Governor Abbott's decree override a Biden federal mandate imposing vaccines? We will find out soon enough. However, a White House spokesman said federal law took precedence over state law.

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