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IPhone with USB-C port becomes a reality!

The USB-C port is in the news because Europe wants to make it the standard for all mobile devices to reduce e-waste - and Apple is the only manufacturer that does not yet use the standard for its smartphones. Now, it seems that a robotics engineering student has shown that it is possible to replace the iPhone's Lightning connector with a USB-C port, as reported by Apple Insider.

iPhone USB-C

On his YouTube channel, EFPL student Ken Pillonel released a short video saying he made an iPhone X with a USB-C port, and later posted a video of exactly how he did the process. In previous Publication, explained how he reverse designed the Lightning connector, and then built an original PCB connector to demonstrate the idea.

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Pillonel has discovered that Apple sells a Lightning connector to certified partners who make USB-C to Lightning cables. He managed to pull out a third-party cable, then remove the metal part and expose the PCB. With this, he pulled the female Lightning port from an iPhone and glued cables from the bare C94 board to a PCB with USB-C jacks. "Once that happened, I had my first functional prototype," he said. "Lightning is gone and only USB-C is left."

The next step was to "completely flip the C94 board" so that everything shrank to fit in one phone, he said. This part is obviously done, judging by the video above and will be fully explained in a second video.

An iPhone with a USB-C port is the dream of many users, as it would allow faster PD charging and the use of standard, non-proprietary cables. It's also clearly possible for Apple, as the iPad Pro has a USB-C port. THE Europe proposed a rule that would require USB-C charging for all phones and electronic devices, with the aim of reducing electronic waste and consumer inconvenience.

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It is not clear if this has been done in the past, but most people should not try to do exactly the same at home. Pillonel has an electronic background and is pursuing a Master's degree in Robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Source of information: engadget.com

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