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Nintendo says it has improved the Switch controls

The durability of Nintendo Switch controllers remains an open question, four and a half years after the popular console.


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Nintendo itself acknowledged this uncertainty in a recent interview in which hardware designers discussed, but did not fully mention, efforts to improve the device.

Extensive malfunctions with Switch Joy-Con controls have led to multiple lawsuits over the past two years, with a free repair option from Nintendo and an apology from the company's CEO.

  • The main issue is the annoying tendency of the system controls - usually the left one after months or years of use - to start sending signals even when not touched.
  • Nintendo, long known for building durable consoles that did not have such problems, has not said much about what it needs to do to tackle the Switch problem.

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On Thursday, Nintendo executives revealed that they had revised the test used to determine the reliability of their control sticks and worked to "improve the durability" of the components to pass the new test.

  • That was a different message from Nintendo. Just a few weeks ago, at a demonstration of the new OLED Switch model in New York, a Nintendo employee told Axios that the controls could not be changed.
  • In the new interview, the company says it meant the functionality has not changed.
  • Nintendo hardware manager Toru Yamashita said that "analog components are constantly being improved by their release and we continue to work on improvements."

It's unclear what the latest changes mean: The people who opened the Joy-Cons for the OLED model say that the guts of the controller do not look different.

  • These observers had seen previous revisions.
  • Someone assumed that the materials involved could have been improved, but could not do the relevant tests he could try.

This is a sensitive issue for Nintendo, one in which it is repeatedly on the defensive. The company has tried to avoid identifying a construction problem by describing wear as unavoidable, such as tires on a car.

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"We are waiting for everything hardware "It's going to work as planned," a Nintendo spokesman told Axios. "If something does not meet this goal, we always encourage consumers to contact Nintendo Customer Support."

Source of information: news.yahoo.com

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