HomesecurityOlympus: Its systems were hit by a cyber attack

Olympus: Its systems were hit by a cyber attack

Olympus, a leading medical technology company, was forced to "shut down" its IT systems in America (USA, Canada and Latin America) after a cyber attack that hit its network on Sunday, October 10, 2021.


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"With the detection of suspicious activity, we immediately mobilized a specialized response team, including forensic experts, and we are currently working with the utmost priority to resolve this issue," Olympus said in a statement issued today, two days after the attack.

"In the context of research and restraint, we have suspended the affected systems and we have informed the relevant external partners. ”

The company did not disclose whether customer or company data was stolen during the "possible cybersecurity incident", but said it would provide new information about the attack as soon as it became available.

"We are working with appropriate third parties for this situation and will continue to take all necessary steps to safely serve our customers and business partners," Olympus added.

"Protecting our customers and partners and maintaining their trust in us is our highest priority."

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In September the company was attacked by ransomware BlackMatter

This incident follows a ransomware attack that hit EMEA IT systems (Europe, Middle East, Africa) of Olympus in early September.

Although Olympus did not disclose the identity of the attackers, ransom notes found on affected systems revealed that BlackMatter ransomware operators coordinated the attack.

The same ransom notes also showed a Tor website that the BlackMatter team used in the past to communicate with their victims.

Although Olympus, once again, did not reveal many details about the nature of the attack that hit America's IT systems, ransomware gangs are known to carry out their attacks on weekends and holidays to delay detection.

The FBI and CISA said in a joint advisory published in August that they "observed an increase in ransomware attacks that occur on public holidays and weekends - when offices are usually closed."

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Olympus has more than 31.000 employees worldwide and more than 100 years of history in the development of medical, life sciences and industrial equipment.

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