HomesecurityGoogle: Blocks ads that promote apps to track your partner

Google: Blocks ads that promote apps to track your partner

Google has blocked some ads that go against its policies by promoting apps that say you can track your partner, TechCrunch reports. These applications are the so-called "stalkerware" or "spouseware" applications that have recently gained increasing popularity.


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Advertising spyware that monitors your partner is against Google's guidelines

These ads have been removed from users' search results. These apps are usually spyware apps available to parents as something you can use to track what your child is doing on Internet or on his phone, allowing you to keep track of calls, messages, applications, photos, location, and other important material.

However, these applications have been redefined to be used as a means of spying on your spouse / partner. This, of course, sparked an industry-wide response to applications that allowed another person's phone to be monitored. Antivirus companies have developed ways to better detect so-called stalkerware software, and federal authorities have cracked down on spyware makers. For example, the FTC recently blocked SpyFone, which was one such app that even collects mobile data that it collects to sell online.

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Google has also blocked ads that promote tracking another person's phone without their permission.

Sometimes, applications go under the radar and the ads for them do the same. However, a Google spokesperson said that these types of ads are not allowed and will be removed as soon as they are found. At the same time, Google said it would continue to monitor behavior to prevent hackers from trying to avoid detection systems.

In particular, Google's policy of dishonest conduct prohibits ads that promote tracking applications that allow you to track your partner, but this system does not extend to ads that track your child activity or track your employees' devices. . In addition, this policy does not extend to private research services. However, Google has not stated how it determines the purpose for which an application is used.

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Recently, Google announced that it would suspend accounts of users or advertisers who consistently violated its policies. These advertisers will receive up to three warnings after which they will have to comply with the company's policies, and if they do not do so, their account will be suspended.

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