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Giant "mysterious creature" near the wreck of the Red Sea

Discovering a shipwreck is in itself an exciting experience. However, it can get even better when a huge, mysterious sea creature is found swimming next to the wreck. This happened to the crew of her research vessel OceanX, OceanXplorer during a mission to the Red Sea in late 2020.

mysterious creature

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A year later, OceanX reveals more information on the mysterious animal that passed by the ship's camera as it examined the wreck of the passenger ship P at a depth of almost 850 meters.

The zoologist and squid expert Mike Vecchione, studied the plan and suggested that despite its size, the animal was not the infamous "giant squid", due to the proportions of the body and the shape of its fins. Vecchione identified it as an example of a very large purple squid.

An OceanX video released Wednesday shows the fast-moving animal along with Vecchione's analysis.

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The head of the OceanX science program, Mattie Rodrigue described seeing the squid - which he thought was larger than a human - for the first time as he swam next to the bow of the wreck. "I was frozen in complete shock," he said.


The researchers found either the same squid or something similar during subsequent dives. Vecchione said they represent the "giant form" of purple squid.

OceanX focuses on exploring, exploring, approaching and protecting the oceans. The purpose of the Red Sea mission was to answer the question: "How do species in the Red Sea thrive where others would die?" Researchers have discovered large animals, such as squid, as well as sites with corals resistant to climate change.

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While the creature Rodrigue observed was not a legendary giant squid, it was a stunning and unexpected sight. A real miracle of the seas.

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