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Apple PCs: They are more profitable than Windows for hybrid work

New research from Dimensional Research suggests that Apple's growth in business is set to continue. Commissioned by Kandji, the study looks at how Apple products are handled when the workforce is hybrid compared to when it is fully remote or in the office.

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The research examines how IT departments perceive Apple devices, what their employees are asking for and more. Some of these most interesting messages are that almost half of all IT professionals surveyed believe that Apple devices have advantages over other types of devices for hybrid employees. Even more surprising is the fact that 75% agree that Apple devices have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the life of the devices compared to Windows.

Over the past two years, respondents reported that the use of Apple devices has increased dramatically.

  • 63% increase in Apple laptops
  • 38% increase in iPhones
  • 35% increase on iPad
  • 22% increase on Apple desktops

Of course, not everything is perfect for IT professionals in a hybrid workforce. One of the obvious problems is remote troubleshooting. 61% find it difficult to deal with end-user problems when working remotely. 53% find it difficult to deploy new computers. Finally, 50% find it difficult to ensure that remote work environments are safe.

"Hybrid work is clearly the future of business work. This new research validates the idea that companies that effectively manage and insure Apple devices are ready to win in this new business environment. "Kandji is designed to help managers and executives achieve this result."

Adam Pettit, CEO of Kandji

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You can download the survey from site Kandji to learn more about how hybrid work leads to the use of Apple products.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com

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