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How to check if VBS is enabled in Windows 11

Windows 11 is available for download, but there appear to be issues with gaming performance. This appears to be largely due to Microsoft's Virtualized Security (VBS) application. At the very least, this is what UL Benchmarks has suggested based on its tests.

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VBS uses hardware virtualization capabilities to create and isolate a secure memory area from the normal operating system. The operating system can use it to host a range of security solutions and protect them from other vulnerabilities affecting the system. You can learn more about this at support document of Microsoft. According to UL Benchmarks, VBS negatively affects the performance of the game. They have confirmed that future releases of their benchmarks will be accompanied by VBS scanning to help you better understand. In the meantime, here is a quick tutorial on how to check if VBS is enabled on your computer.

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How to check if VBS is enabled in Windows 11

  • Press the "Win" key to display the Start Menu or just press the "Search" button in Windows to display the search bar.
  • Now type 'MSInfo32' and press enter.
  • Once you scroll to the "System Information" application, you will see if VBS is enabled on your computer.
  • You can use the same procedure to see if VBS is enabled in Windows 10.

From what we understand, VBS will not be enabled if you have never played with this setting before. This is because VBS is not enabled by default in Windows 10. In fact, it will not be enabled by default in Windows 11 if you upgrade from Windows 10 or install a copy manually. However, this does not apply when you buy a new laptop or a pre-built desktop. As noted by PCGamer, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working with partners to enable VBS and HVCI on most new PCs next year.

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If VBS has a negative impact on game performance, then we would prefer it to be disabled by default. But for now, it seems like an extra step we need to take before making sure the game performance is not significantly affected.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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