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Epic Games: Requires Epic Online Services - How to Install Them

Epic Games now requires users to install Epic Online Services to properly use the launcher. See how you can fix the blank screen that prevents users from installing this new service.

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When users start Epic Games Launcher, they receive a message stating: “Epic Online Services is required to install - you will not receive Launcher updates until Epic Online Services is installed. See the settings menu. ”

Epic Online Services is API Multi-platform Epic platform originally developed for Fortnite but later released for use by all developers.

With the release of the Epic Games Launcher 13.0.0 update, Epic now requires all users to install Epic Online Services as a prerequisite for using the boot.

"To ensure that you can continue to use Epic Games Launcher, we recommend that you complete the installation of Epic Online Services as soon as possible. This can be done in just a few steps from the settings menu in Epic Games Launcher ", says another help document from Epic Games.

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epic Games

How to install Epic Online Services

When Epic Games Launcher is launched, users receive the above message stating that they need to install Epic Online Services.

However, Epic Games Launcher will get stuck on a blank screen, blocking access to the settings page.

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Fortunately, you can navigate the Settings screen and install Epic Online Services using the following steps:

1. Right-click the Epic Games Launcher icon in the Windows system tray and select Home, Library or Store to open this launcher section.

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2. When Epic Games Launcher goes to this section, you can scroll down and access the Settings screen.

3. When Settings opens, click the "Install Now" button to install Epic Online Services, as shown below.

epic Games

4.After clicking the Install button, you will see a Windows notification that Epic Online Services is being installed and the installer will start.

5. Once the installer is complete, exit and restart Epic Games Launcher. The prompt to install Epic Online Services will no longer exist.

Now you can use Epic Games Launcher and play your games as usual.

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