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Man has been using Atari ST until today since 1985

"Do not fix it if it is not damaged." This is what we think Frans Bos has been thinking for decades, as he continued to use his Atari ST to run a family camp reservation system.

Although its case has turned a bit yellow, the reliable old machine still operates 24/7 from April to October, as it has done every year since 1985. The video shows the computer and the custom camp booking system.

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Man has been using Atari ST since 1985
Man has been using Atari ST since 1985

To be precise, hackaday.com is looking at an Atari 1040STF, which runs on a 68000 processor and has a full megabyte of RAM. It was actually one of the first affordable machines with so much memory. The output is via a monochrome screen, which is small compared to the modern TFT next to it, but was obviously much better than the screen that contained a standard DOS machine at the time.

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Since there was no camp management software available when he bought the computer, Frans wrote his own, complete with a graphic map showing the location of each campsite. Reservations can be made, modified and printed with just a few clicks. The only concession in the modern world is the addition of a USB drive. we can imagine that it was difficult to store and exchange data using floppy disks in 2021.

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We like to see the ancient material being actively used in the modern world whether it is floppy disks in a Boeing 747 or an Amiga running school HVAC system.

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