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Instagram Video: Create and find videos easily and quickly

After a huge service outage that affected millions of users, Instagram made an interesting announcement. The platform said it combines now IGTV and feed videos in one format - Instagram Video. There is a new one Video tab in the user profile, where this new video format will be located, so they can users to discover new video content.

The popular social media platform, owned by Facebook, has realized that creators pay special attention to videos to connect with their audience, and that's why he created the Instagram Video to make it easier to create and find videos on Instagram.

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Instagram Video

Instagram Video: Making it easy to upload and find videos

IGTV and feed videos combined to offer a better experience to users. Users can upload normally video in the same way, by clicking on the + symbol on the Instagram homepage and selecting Post.

Instagram also adds new features such as crop, filters and add tags for people and sites.

Creators can continue to cross-post their videos via Stories and share them via instant messaging. Instagram states that using all its features provides many ways for creators to tell their stories and interact with their audience.

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"As a creator, I believe that there should be no separation between video formats on Instagram. Feed videos and IGTV should be just videos. When a person searches for content to watch online, he never looks for a specific format for large or small videos, just watches videos and has fun. I'm glad now I won't have to navigate so many different surfaces to follow things on Instagram“. - @henrytado

Instagram IGTV

New ways to view and analyze videos

As mentioned above, there is now a Video tab in the user profile, which hosts the new Instagram Video feature and will allow people to easily find content from creators they love. While watching a video on Instagram, viewers can click anywhere on the video to watch in full screen. They will also be able to keep scrolling to discover new video content from creators you may be interested in.

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It also becomes easier understanding the performance of a video, after Instagram decided to merge feed post insights and video insights in a common measurement for businesses and creators.

Reach new audiences with Video ads

With Instagram Video, the IGTV ads are renamed to Instagram In-Stream video ads. Creators can also generate revenue from long-form content and brands can reach an audience watching long-form videos. For businesses interested in amplifying their videos to reach more people, the videos should not be longer than 60 seconds.

Source: about.fb.com

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