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Norway: Has it finally redefined Covid-19 as the flu?

Health authorities in Norway have clarified that they have not "redefined" Covid-19 as another form of flu.

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Norway has relaxed its rules for Covid-19 as vaccinations rise and the virus recedes. However, he wants to make it clear that he does not treat the virus the same as the common cold.

«It is not true that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health [NIPH] has claimed that "Covid-19 is no more dangerous than the common flu'. "This statement is probably a misinterpretation of the interview given to a major Norwegian newspaper, A spokesman for the Norwegian Institute of Public Health told IFLScience.

This article came from a Norwegian newspaper in September, called VG. The story contained a comment from him Geir bukholm, Deputy General Manager of NIPH, who said: "We are now in a new phase where we must see Covid-19 as one of the various seasonal fluctuating respiratory diseases».

At the end of September, the country abolished most social distance directives.

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The NIPH spokesman added: "Our position, as stated in the post, is that at this point pandemic we need to start approaching Covid-19 as one of the various respiratory diseases that circulate with seasonal fluctuations. This means that the control measures that will apply to different respiratory diseases will require the same level of social preparedness. This does not mean that coronavirus disease and seasonal flu are similar».

When the pandemic struck last year, Norway acted quickly, closing schools and sporting events and making lockdown.

«Schools and restaurants were closed and anyone coming from abroad had to be quarantined for 14 days. When I called the Norwegian public information on coronavirus, I was told to follow the advice and quarantine, even though I had arrived before the announcement» said a resident.

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«By comparison, the United Kingdom entered a lockdown on March 23, after 359 deaths had already been reported and almost four weeks after the country's first documented case.».

In total, Norway has recorded 191.000 cases of coronavirus and 861 deaths against a population of 5,4 million people.

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