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Netflix: Get its first game studio, Night School Studio!

The Netflix has begun to expands its activities in Gaming industry, after announcing that acquired Night School Studio, a video game developer known for the mystery game "Oxenfree".

Netflix game studio Night School Studio

It's the first Netflix acquisition related to gaming. Night School Studio was founded by them Sean Krankel and Adam Hines in 2014, and some of his most popular titles are "Oxenfree", "Afterparty" and "Next Stop Nowhere".

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The terms of the agreement between Netflix and Night School Studio have not been disclosed.

Ο Mike Verdu, Netflix vice president of game development said the company is pleased with this collaboration as the work and history of the game studio shows that they will be invaluable partners.

In a post, Krankel of Night School Studio said also excited about the collaboration. "Netflix gives filmmakers, TV and now game developers a canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our explorations of narrative gameplay and Netflix history in support of different storytellers have led to this combination. I felt that both groups came to this conclusion instinctively".

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Krankel added: "The Netflix team showed the utmost concern for the protection of the studio culture and our creative vision“. He added that Night School Studio will continue to produce "Oxenfree II", Which will be released next year and will"continue to create new game worlds".

Netflix gaming

Netflix had officially unveiled the plans to enter the video game market in July, during the announcement of the profits of the second quarter. Initially, it will start with mobile games. It's essentially a new content category that Netflix will help attract and retain customers. According to information, games on Netflix will are included in the total subscription, without ads or in-app purchases.

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Verdu said Netflix will continue to work with developers around the world and "to hire the greatest talents in the industry, to offer a large collection of games designed for every type of gamer and every level of play".

Last month, Netflix released the first games tab on its Android mobile app for customers in Poland. Additional titles are being released on Android this week in Spain and Italy.

Source: finance.yahoo.com

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