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Microsoft Outlook: A new way to compose messages on the go

Microsoft is working on an Outlook email update that will give users more options for composing messages on Android devices.


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According to a new entry in the company's product roadmap, Outlook users will soon be able to dictate emails as well as calendar and appointment appointment content, rather than relying on their touch screen keyboard.

The text-to-speech feature available for desktops and iOS devices will be extended to Android by the end of the month.

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Convert speech to text in Outlook

Once dictation mode comes out live, users will be able to activate the feature by tapping the microphone icon above the keyboard. A large blue version of the same icon indicates that the feature is active and the user can start dictating.

There are two options for punctuating messages: a command-based system (according to which users say "colon", etc.) and an automatic punctuation function. While the first method is likely to be more accurate, the latter option allows users to dictate freely without having to constantly interrupt their flow.

While some may argue that dictation is slower and less convenient than typing a message, proponents of text-to-speech often say that dictation becomes second nature to the individual after a short period of time.

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And in any case, the availability of the text-to-speech function on all devices is not only about convenience but is also a significant upgrade for people who due to a medical problem have limited motor skills.

The new feature will ensure that all Outlook users are able to compose emails effectively, either while at home or on the go.

Source of information: techradar.com

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