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Google: Displays videos from Instagram and TikTok in Search

Google is reportedly in talks with ByteDance and Facebook to bring videos from Instagram and TikTok to Google Search. The company aims to reach an agreement with social media platforms to index their videos in the search engine. Once the deal is completed, you will be able to search for Instagram and TikTok videos in Google Search using popular keywords.

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If you try to search for Instagram or TikTok videos on Google, you will only see the re-upload of videos posted on YouTube or another third-party platform. But Google aims to change that. According to The Information, executives from the search giant are currently negotiating an agreement with ByteDance and Facebook to obtain the data needed to index and rank videos from TikTok and Instagram to Search.

In a statement, a Google spokesman told The Information that the company is always looking for new ways to organize information. "We help sites make their content searchable and benefit from being on Google and being able to choose how or if their content will appear in Search," he added.

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It is worth noting that last December, Google began testing a new feature that showed TikTok and Instagram videos in Google Search on mobile. The feature initially only showed YouTube videos, but soon added videos from the other two platforms. The company is still testing the feature in many areas and may be more widely available if Google succeeds. agreement with ByteDance and Facebook. Google may also offer a similar search function to desktop if things go according to her plan.

Although we do not have details on the possible terms of the agreement, it may be similar to the content sharing agreement between Google and Twitter. Currently, the search giant pays Twitter a license fee to access and integrate tweets into search results. However, we can not be sure whether the company will choose a similar deal with Facebook and ByteDance or not. If the agreement is finalized, search integration will benefit all parties involved - it will help Google deliver better results, bring more traffic and revenue on Instagram and TikTok and will help creators on platforms to gain greater visibility.

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As not all stakeholders have made a formal statement on the impending deal that is rumored to be in place, we can not be sure if things will turn out as expected.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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