was hacked to commit a specific scam! was hacked to commit a specific scam!

Hackers broke into, the original site of the Bitcoin project, to carry out a cryptocurrency fraud, which apparently was highly successful.

Although the hack lasted less than a day, the hackers seem to have gotten away with just over $ 17.000.

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As shown below, on September 23, the homepage reported:

The Bitcoin Foundation "returns money" to the community! We want to support our users who have helped us over the years, ”encouraging users to send Bitcoins to the attacker's displayed wallet address.

"Send Bitcoin to this address and we will send you twice the amount back!"

In addition, to make the scam more realistic, hackers reported that the offer is limited to the first 10.000 users.

Users of the attacker's wallet address were encouraged to send money to:

Shortly after the hack, operators using the name Cøbra issued a public warning about the incident:

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The hackers managed to extract more than 17.000 dollars through this scam

Following the announcement of Cøbra, the registrar of the domain Namecheap immediately deactivated the domain until the issue was resolved:

Unfortunately some cryptocurrency fans pressed it as seen from the rest of the intruder's wallet. The transaction history shows multiple deposits from different Bitcoin addresses in the attacker's wallet.

The last updated balance of the wallet was at 0.40571238 BTC, ie about $ 17.000. has now been restored. However, the root cause of the hijack remains unconfirmed, although some suspect it is DNS hijack.

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This type of scam is now common in the world of cryptocurrencies as the attackers who created these lures achieve their goals.

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