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Samsung wants to copy paste a human brain

Samsung, in collaboration with Harvard University, has published a new study that suggests that it is possible to develop a brain-inspired memory chip.

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Samsung brain

According to the work published in Nature Electronics, the researchers from the collaborating organizations suggested that the map of the neural connections of the brain could be replicated using a series of nanoelectrodes. They explained that the nanoelectrode array could be used to record electrical signals generated by the large number of neurons in the brain. These signals could then be used to update the neural map, indicating where the neurons are connected to each other and how strong the connections are, the researchers said.

Once copied, the neural map could then be mounted on a XNUMXD high-density solid state memory network, such as commercial flash memory used in solid state drives or RAM resistors.

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In this way, the memory chip will contain features of the brain, such as low power, easy learning, adaptation to the environment, autonomy and knowledge, the researchers said.

The document also suggests a possible way to speed up the attachment of the neural map, where the map must be downloaded directly to a memory chip.

"The vision we present is extremely ambitious"He said Donhee Ham, member of the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. "But working towards such a heroic goal will transcend the limits of mechanical intelligence, neuroscience and chip technology.".

Looking ahead, Samsung plans to continue its research in neuromorphic engineering as part of AI chip development.

Over the last quarter, the South Korean giant has recorded its best operating profit in almost three years, recording about 46 million euros in sales and 9 million euros in operating income.

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The company's chip company put operating income of about 5 million euros, more than half of the total.

Market conditions have improved in the memory market, which has led to a stronger-than-expected increase in average selling prices for both DRAM and NAND chips, Samsung said.

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