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Norway: It is possible that only electric vehicles will be sold from 2022

Η Νορβηγία puts more and more emphasis on sales electric vehicles, with the market share of new petrol cars constantly declining. This shows that Norway will definitely achieve its goal, that is to sell only electric vehicles from 2025 onwards. In fact, it seems that this can be done much earlier.

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Norway electric vehicles

According to an analysis published in the journal Norwegian Automobile Federation, EngineThe The drop in sales of petrol vehicles is so great and continuous that the last sale of a new petrol car in Norway could take place just seven months from now, in April 2022.

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The Norwegian Road Traffic Council reports monthly sales figures for all cars sold in the country, so there are accurate reports on the number and type of cars sold.

If this trend continues, no petrol cars will be sold from April 2022. This is much earlier than Norway's target for 2025 (which is not in fact an official target with similar legislation, but an agreement between members of the Norwegian Government).

It is worth noting that sales reports estimate hybrids vehicles as “electrified”. Although these are also less than net electrically vehicles sold in Norway recently.

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Although there may be few sales of conventional cars, it is certain that there will be no mass sales. Norway may still allow limited sales of petrol vehicles after 2025, in the hope that the numbers will be too small so that the legal ban really does not matter.

From the beginning of this year, 14 of the top 15 cars in Norway are electric, with the RAV4 Prime in second place, as the only plug-in hybrid in the top 15. In 16th place is the Toyota Corolla hybrid, and we have to look up to 38th to find the first car without an electric motor.

Source: Electrek

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