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Twitter Tips: Users can pay creators with bitcoin

The Twitter announced on Thursday that it will allows its users to pay their favorite creators on the social network using bitcoin.

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Twitter introduced the tipping as a test run in May. It is essentially a feature that helps creators make money from their followers for the content they post on the platform. According to yesterday's announcement, the Tips feature will be available to all iOS users this week, while for Android users it will be released in the coming weeks.

Previously, users could use fiat currency, using more traditional payment services, such as Her Cash app Square and Venmo her PayPal. The users will be able to send bitcoin via Strike, a wallet app running on the Lightning Network protocol. Twitter will also allow users to add their bitcoin address to send and receive cryptocurrency tips.

Twitter does not receive any amount of money sent through the Tips feature.

The integration of bitcoin in the Tips feature of Twitter is not surprising, given that the CEO of the platform, Jack Dorsey, is a supporter of cryptocurrency and does not hide it.

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Twitter creators bitcoin

Just in recent months, Dorsey had said he was trying to get into bitcoin mining.

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In addition, Twitter said yesterday that it is experimenting with a feature that will allow users to authenticate and present NFT digital assets on the social network. The company did not give further details about this blockchain project, but said it is another way to support creators in digital art.

Finally, the popular social networking platform announced that it plans to create one creator fund for users hosting Spaces audio rooms. In this way, the company wants to give more incentives for more live audio events. The Spaces Twitter appeared last year. This is a feature that allows users to listen and chat with others in audio-only virtual rooms.

Source: CNBC

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