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GDPR & BUSINESS seminar from the Law Library 29/9 & 1/10 - Registrations

GDPR & BUSINESS seminar: The Law Library in collaboration with Mrs. Nopi Tintzoglidou, renowned Lawyer of Athens since 1994 organizes the online seminar "GDPR & BUSINESS" on Wednesday 29 September and Friday 1 October 2021 (18:00 - 21:00) in live stream (live broadcast) while for those who wish it can watch it on videotaped format. The participation cost is 160,00 € both for live streaming and for videotaped material.

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GDPR & BUSINESS seminar from the Law Library 29/9 & 1/10
GDPR & BUSINESS seminar from the Law Library 29/9 & 1/10

Why attend the "GDPR & BUSINESS" seminar?

The completion of three (3) years from the implementation of the GDPR marks the verification in practice of the compliance methodology of small, medium, large enterprises and groups. At the same time, there was enough time to highlight the most common mistakes in the implementation phase and continuous monitoring of compliance with the legal framework set by both the GDPR and Law 4624/2019.

By attending the seminar, through a series of case studies that actually engaged companies, each trainee:

• acquires the necessary familiarity with the practical way of compliance of small, medium, large enterprises and groups in the existing legal framework

• understands the most common mistakes companies make in protecting personal data in order to adopt the best possible strategy for their protection

• is informed in detail about how he must act according to the Law in case of violation, taking into account the policies and procedures of the company

• approaches specific and original issues that were called upon in the midst of a pandemic to be addressed by companies with the assistance of their legal advisers, seeking in each individual case the balancing of privacy with the obligation to protect public health.

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Matter Diagram

Practical steps of company compliance

  • Compliance of companies

  • Interdepartmental cooperation

  • Personnel training

  • Continuous monitoring of compliance

  • Exercise of Subjects' Rights

  • Data retention time and right to forget

  • Case Studies

Frequent violations and their management

  • Frequent violations according to the APDPX

  • Publicity of violation and defamation of a company

  • Violation management

  • Fines from APDPH, compensatory and criminal liability

  • Data Protection (DLP Procedures and Policies)

  • Case Studies

Protection of personal data during the COVID pandemic

  • Personal Data and new technologies (social media, cloud, platforms, security cameras)

  • Thermometry when entering businesses, telework, distance learning, e-shops

  • Occupational physician and employee health data, distinction between vaccinated and non-employed by employer, European digital COVID certificate

  • Case Studies

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Who is the GDPR & BUSINESS seminar aimed at?

The Seminar is addressed to legal, financial, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and business executives involved in companies complying with the GDPR, such as human resources (HR), customer service, accounting, sales, accounting, IT and marketing, data.

Law Library

Curriculum Vitae

Nopi Tintzoglidou has been practicing law since 1994 and has been the Legal Director of Subscribers and Personal Data of the OTE Group, specializing, among other things, in the legislation on personal data and the confidentiality of communications, representing the Group in the Administrative , Personal Data Protection and National Telecommunications and Post Commission. Has high know-how and practical experience in handling and procedures required for company compliance with national and European legal and regulatory framework having implemented compliance projects of Groups, large companies, small and medium enterprises and small businesses in accordance with the requirements of GDPR and N 4624/2019. It maintains a law office in Kolonaki, which operates mainly digitally and its team consists of associates specialized in personal data.

For more information visit the Nopi Tintzoglidou website here

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Information and methods of payment

Means of payment:

For payment methods see here

Useful Information - Facilities

Participants are provided with accompanying training materials as well as an electronic certificate of attendance

The reservation of the position is finalized with the payment of the total participation cost, which must be completed no later than 10 days before the start of the seminar.

Where there is an indication of discounts for special categories (students, trainees / young lawyers and court clerks) or others are valid for Online registrations only for registered users at www.nb.org

In particular, in the category of young lawyers, 5-year-old lawyers are included

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of seminars due to decision of organizer or force majeure

The organizers reserve the right to change the date and cancel the seminar, informing the trainees by phone and e-mail. In this case the trainees are entitled to request the full refund of their tuition fees if they do not want to attend the seminar on the new date or use the amount for another purchase in seminars - services or publications of the company.

In case of strike, government bans, bad weather and generally any event beyond the reasonable control of the organizers, which hinders the execution of part or all of the seminar, the organizers reserve the right to change the date and time. In this case the tuition is not refundable, but is valid as it is.

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GDPR online seminar

Change or cancellation due to customer wish

Any user wishing to cancel or modify their reservation at a seminar must send their request as soon as possible (10 working days before the seminar date) to grammateia@nb.org

To cancel the participation in the seminar by the trainee 10 days before the date of the program, a refund of 100% of the amount is made.

To cancel the participation in the seminar by the trainee 5 days before the date of the program, a refund of 50% of the amount is made.

In all the above cases where a refund is required, it will be done either by canceling the debit of the credit card (if you have paid by credit card) or by depositing in a bank account, which you will indicate to us within 30 days from the relevant information.

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Ways of Monitoring for GDPR & BUSINESS seminar

On Demand

LEGAL LIBRARY EDUCATION utilizes the most advanced technological innovations in distance education and collaborates with the best educational platforms (LMS) in the world. Through High Definition (HD) quality video on demand, which includes the training program as videotaped during the program, the slides and other notes displayed during it and the printed material distributed to the living participants.

Live Streaming

LEGAL LIBRARY EDUCATION provides participants from all over Greece with an enjoyable experience of live attendance and directness with the lecturer, thus enjoying unique audio and video quality (high definition) with the sole condition of using a PC or laptop and with a simple ADSL line.