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Amazon: Further relaxes cannabis control over cannabis use

Η Amazon relaxes them even more control policies for cannabis use by officials or prospective officials, as it is in favor of its full legalization.

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In one suspension On Tuesday, an Amazon executive wrote that under the new policies, the company considers suitable for work, people who had been rejected or fired in the past because they were found to be positive for cannabis use, after tests.

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According to the company executive, the controls on cannabis use by a potential employee have significantly affected specific communities of people who are unable to find work for this reason. Amazon believes that these distinctions are incorrect.

The e-commerce giant first announced in June that it would not control some of its marijuana workers. The only candidates for a job that will Amazon controls cannabis use, are those who apply for positions regulated by the Department of Transportation (eg truck drivers).

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The company has relaxed standards on cannabis use as one A growing number of US states have begun legalizing cannabis. She also realized that this would help her attract more candidates, at a time when companies are trying to find new staff to meet the conditions created by the pandemic.

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According to the Amazon executive, the company is constantly looking for new members to join its group, and restricting controls on cannabis use allows more people to apply for jobs.

Amazon, which hires constantly people since the onset of the pandemic, trying to motivate prospective employees to attract them. These motivations include higher salaries, bonuses and free tuition for college.

Amazon also exercises pressure on the federal government to legalize cannabis. The company said in June that it supported the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, which aims, among other things, to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level.

Source: CNBC

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