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Apple and Google Stores: Kids apps had no privacy policy

Apps removed from Apple Stores (59%) and Google (25%) had no privacy policy, according to Pixalate H1 2021 Delisted Apps Report. In Google, out of 26% of deleted applications from Russia, no privacy policy was found. At Apple, out of 60% of deleted applications from China, no privacy policy was found. In addition, 66% of deleted Google apps had at least one "dangerous license", 27% had access to GPS coordinates and 19% had access to the camera.

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In all, more than 813.000 apps with more than 9 billion downloads - 86% of which were aimed at children aged 12 and under - were removed from the Google Play and Apple App stores. After analyzing more than five million mobile applications, the report found that consumer privacy and security, as well as brand security for advertisers, could be compromised. It is worth noting that deleted applications can remain installed on a consumer device even after they have been removed from the application store.

Applications can be deleted for a variety of reasons, ranging from relatively malicious (e.g. application store policy violations) to benign causes (e.g. withdrawal). programmer). The petition neither claims nor gives any specific reason for the deletion actions. In addition, it is often not possible to know if the removal was enabled by the app store or the developer.

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Pixalate's science and data analytics team analyzed the 5 million apps and app developers that were deleted from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store from January 1 to June 30, 2021. An app is considered to have been deleted if at any given time. users "downloaded" it and then it was removed.

Source of information: venturebeat.com

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