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China limits the use of TikTok for children to 40 minutes a day

Weeks after China limited children's online play time to just three hours a week, it is limiting the use of TikTok to just 40 minutes a day.

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Over the weekend, ByteDance, the owner of the Chinese version of Tiktok called Douyin, said it was introducing a new "Youth Mode" for children under 14. This new feature will allow them to use the app for just 40 minutes a day. In addition, it is not allowed to use it between 10pm and 6am.

This so-called "Youth Mode" applies to users who are registered under their real name using the country authentication system - which requires users to verify themselves with a state ID - which was released last year. Also, the ByteDance urges parents to complete the identification of children who have not yet done so.

The company said this is an additional step in reducing digital addiction problems in children.

In a post, the company said that in Youth Mode, Douyin will also show curated content for children, including experiments, exhibitions in museums and galleries, and the country's natural landscape.

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Last month, TikTok also added ceilings for alerts and video downloads for teen users around the world. However, these restrictions are not as severe as those imposed in China.

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