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Facebook VP: Denies that the platform ignores reports of misinformation

Facebook on Saturday rejected its recent reports Wall Street Journal leaked company documents describing how Facebook executives were slow to respond to known and harmful issues on its platforms. In one blog post of the company, Facebook VP of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, said the articles contained "intentional misstatements" and "gave extremely false motives to the leadership and Facebook employees».

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According to the newspaper's findings, Facebook investigators sounded the alarm about the "negative effects of the platform»Again and again, but were ignored by the superiors. The documents revealed a company investigation that shows how harmful it can be Instagram on teen mental health, that Facebook executives have failed to address employee concerns about reports that traffickers in developing countries are using the platform, and that Facebook is giving privileged treatment to some high-profile users who violate its rules .

Clegg said that while it was "perfectly legal" to hold Facebook accountable for how it dealt with harmful issues on its platforms, the newspaper reports used excerpts from leaked material to create "a deliberate unilateral view of the wider events .. "

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Clegg defended the handling of Facebook posts about vaccines of coronavirus, another issue highlighted in newspaper reports. He said that the "crossroads between social media and prosperity"Is still an evolving issue in the research community and that social media is changing rapidly in response to a"an ever-growing body of multiple research methods and expertise».

According to an article published on Friday, Facebook researchers warned the company that vaccinators are working together to flood the comments section of the vaccine-related content with propaganda and false allegations.

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An internal report in early 2021 estimated that more than 40% of comments about vaccine-related content appeared to discourage people from getting the coronavirus vaccine. Global health experts such as the World Health Organization and Unicef, whose posts were among those bombed, had also expressed concerns about the problem on Facebook.

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