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Watch sports and TV shows in the Outlook calendar

If you want to watch your favorite bands and TV shows, it's easy to add them to Outlook Calendar. Go to Outlook online, log in and click the icon Calendar to the left.


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If the left window is hidden, click the three vertical bars in the upper left to display it. Under the month view calendar, click “Add a calendar".

In the Add Calendar window, select an option from the left. Depending on your location, you may see suggestions for groups near you in the section Sport. But you can also pick a popular league or watch them all.

You will see everything from football, ice hockey, golf, tennis, if you choose all available sports.

Choose a sport, select a league, and then select the box for each team you want to follow.

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If you select TV on the left, you will then select a time zone, a channel and the frame for each TV show.

When done, click the X on the top right to close the Add Calendar window. Next, you should see sports or TV programs added to My Calendars in the left pane and events in your calendar.

sports and television programs

Check calendars to show or unhide. Click the three dots to rename the calendar, change the color, or move it within the list.

Click on the event (game, match or show) in your calendar for more details. When the small event window opens, you can click the arrow Event view top right for more options.

If you add sports programs and TV shows to your Outlook web calendar, they will be synced to your mobile device. But you can also add them to your mobile app. The process is the same in Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Open the Outlook application and tap the tab on the top left to open the menu. Select “Settings”And then select“Interesting calendars“. Tap your email address at the top to select a different account if you have more than one.

As on the web select a league and click to add the team. If you select TV, you will need to select a time zone, select a channel, and add a show.

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