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Samsung: Buy the Z Fold 3 to ignore everything around you

Samsung's latest foldable model, the Z Fold 3, is a fact company has promoted this venture as much as possible.

Z Fold 3

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In the age of technology, when there are so many different mobile phones to choose from, the competition is definitely great for companies.

Both Apple as well as Samsung seem to think that the best they need to do is an event and a good advertising campaign featuring young, happy people skating / dancing / parachuting and taking pictures using their devices.

However, Samsung Galaxy foldable phones offer a new shape, a new form, a new attitude.

Strangely, the advertising that she chose for her new model promotes a rather worrying reason to buy the Z Fold 3: Buy it so that you can ignore everything that happens around you.

At some point in the commercial, we see barbarians fighting with each other on the streets of New York.

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However, the protagonist sitting in the back of an extremely sophisticated Uber / limousine, does not notice that the barbarians hit the car.

Of course, it is immediately apparent that the scene does not unfold outside the car, but on the screen of the mobile phone that is watching. However, the experience it offers him is so intense, that it is as if he is experiencing it in reality.

This, as Samsung claims, shows that the Z Fold 3 offers an unusually "immersive" experience to the user.

Of course this seems to be against the general idea that tech companies are trying to get across, who were worried that people were getting too connected to their phones. So much so that they often do not perceive the environment around them.

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The highly respected Tim Cook insists that spending a lot of time on your phone is a terrible thing.

Samsung, however, seems to prefer to use the range to promote its new device, when it could use, the great aesthetics, smart engineering and the most efficient productivity levels of this phone.

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