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App helps Afghans avoid the Taliban in Kabul

As the Taliban "entered" Kabul last month, the group behind the Ehtesab crowdfunding application left its office in the city. But they continued their work by providing Afghans with crucial information, such as which roads the Taliban have blocked.

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Days later, when two suicide bombings killed more than 70 people near Kabul's Hamid Karzai Airport as people tried to flee the country, the start-up used its ground contacts to confirm that there were the double attacks within minutes.

The Ehtesab app was created three years ago to provide real-time alerts and information about incidents in Kabul. The goal at the time was to maintain the participation of residents, to bridge communication gaps between citizens and civil servants, and to hold government officials accountable. Like Citizen, an application on United States, known for real-time crime alerts, Ehtesab urges locals to report incidents from all over the city, including everything from faulty telecommunications to scheduled demonstrations. These reports are then verified by the Ehtesab Security Experts team.

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Now this service seems to be becoming more widely known amid the rapid political and social change following the Taliban take control of the country. While the app has only been downloaded 5.000 times by people in Kabul and other areas, the company says its popularity and usage has increased in recent weeks.

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