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Users received messages for expired pre-orders iPhone 13

Some Apple customers who went through the pre-approval steps to buy a new iPhone 13 on the company website or app Apple Store, received a message saying "Your iPhone pre-order has expired“, When they checked the status page of their order.

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Its customers Apple can use the Apple Store app to pre-order the new iPhone 13, including the upgrade check.

The idea is that they can then pre-order their devices with the push of a button on the day of launch, hoping to have their devices before the first batch of devices to be sold in stores.

For some, however, one appears unexpected message when customers return to their account order page on the Apple website or look in the For You section of the Apple Store app and click on the card marked “Your iPhone is ready for pre-order at 9.17."

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In the application, the screen is loaded for a moment to access pre-ordered information before finally displaying the message "Your iPhone pre-order has expired. You can order iPhone now. Just select a model and make a payment option.A link Buy now accompanies the message, encouraging users to repeat the process "Save time when pre-ordering iPhone".


The issue, which Apple Support is apparently aware of, seems to be due to a processing issue. Some users who click on the link in their pre-approval email may still be able to see their pre-order status in the Apple Online Store, while others do not.

Apple product ordering systems are likely to experience high traffic the day before pre-orders begin. However the company has now solved the problem for most users.

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Apple has always had the pre-approval process for iPhone upgrade customers, but the new optimized pre-order preparation seems to be a new addition.

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