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Google has created chips to promote the Pixel 6

After the excitement caused by his wait iPhone 13 Apple seems to have come up with an original idea to launch its new Pixel 6.

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Pixel 6

Definitely one of the biggest and most anticipated features of the new phone is the Tensor chips to be integrated into Pixel 6.

But what they did not expect users was that Google would release a special package with crisps to promote its new device and get all the interest on it!

However, these are not ordinary chips.

For a start, the advertising Google shows the bag connected to a charger.

And not only are they enriched with a “salty taste Google", But they come only individually to a few lucky recipients.

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This promotion is valid in Japan. And all 10.000 bags have already been received. The fact that it was free for the first 10.000 applicants on the internet suggests that many were disappointed.


Even small moves like this offer a glimpse into Google's intentions.

Previously, Google phones were marketed amid lukewarm reactions and a bit of excitement. The Pixels came, the Pixels left and apart from a small group of believers, the phones had little impact on market share.

If Google is really serious about this and the company has claimed that it will exponentially intensify the marketing of the Pixel 6, one could see that the Pixel 6 is getting a lot more attention than many of its sometimes very good predecessors.

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However, it is not entirely certain that the company's marketing moves are perfectly correct and helpful for its products.

One of the initial efforts to promote the new device, shows young skateboard intellectuals doing exciting tricks, while the company promises that the Pixel 6 will see you as you are.

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