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Oracle Releases Java 17 - See all the latest updates

Oracle has announced the availability of the Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 - the latest version of the programming language and development platform.


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Java 17 offers thousands of performance, stability and security updates, as well as 14 JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposals) that further enhance the Java language and platform to help developers be more productive. Java 17 is the latest version of Long Term Support (LTS) with a six-month Java release rate. The release results from an extensive collaboration between Oracle engineers and other members of the global Java developer community through the OpenJDK community and the Java Community Process (JCP). Since the previous JDK 11 LTS released three years ago, more than 70 JEPs have been implemented.

  • Simpler license: Oracle JDK 17 and future JDK versions are available with a free license for up to one full year after the next LTS release. Oracle will continue to provide Oracle OpenJDK versions under the General Public License (GPL), as it has since 2017.
  • Strengthening Long-Term Customer Support: Oracle is partnering with the Java developer community and JCP to enhance LTS scheduling to give organizations more flexibility as to when or if they want to switch to a newer version of Java LTS. Oracle proposes that the next version of LTS be Java 21 and be available in September 2023, which will change the current release rate of LTS from three to two years.

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With the support of Oracle LTS and Java SE subscription, customers can switch to Java 17 at the rate that best suits their needs. In addition, Oracle will provide customers with security, performance, and bug updates for Java 17 by at least September 2029.

To speed up the adoption of Java in the cloud, Oracle recently introduced Oracle Java Management Service, a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - an in-house service that helps organizations manage runtime and on-premises Java applications in any cloud.

The Java Management Service provides customers with visibility about their Java deployments in each business. This covers all versions of Java that are installed in their environment, including versions of Java that are in development and in production. It also detects any unscheduled Java applications running and checks to see if all installed Java versions are up to date with the latest security patches.

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JDK 17 includes new language enhancements, library updates, and support for new computers Apple, remove old-fashioned features, and work to ensure that any Java code written today will continue to work without changes in future JDK versions. It also offers a preview of the language features for collecting feedback from the Java community.

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