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Microsoft accounts: You can log in without a password

Microsoft will release password-free sign-up support in the coming weeks, allowing customers to sign in to Microsoft accounts without using a password.

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Microsoft accounts

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The company first allowed commercial customers to develop password-free authentication in their environments in March 2021 following a major breakthrough in 2020 in which Microsoft reported that more than 150 million users were logged into their Azure accounts. Active Directory and Microsoft without using a password.

Traffic to all Microsoft accounts

As of today, Redmond has announced that users are no longer required to have a password to their accounts.

Instead, they can choose between Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, a security key, or phone / email verification codes to connect to Microsoft Edge or Microsoft 365 applications and services.

As Microsoft's Vasu Jakkal added, threatening actors use the weak passwords as the initial attack vector in most attacks on business and consumer accounts. Microsoft detects 579 password attacks every second, with a total of 18 billion incidents each year.

"One of our recent surveys found that 15 percent of people use their pet names for a password. Other common responses included the names of family members and important dates such as birthdays, "said Jakkal.

"We also found that 1 in 10 people admitted to reusing passwords on websites and 40% said they had used a specific pattern for their passwords, such as Fall 2021, which eventually becomes Winter 2021 or Spring 2022."

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What you need to do to avoid using passwords

To sign in to your Microsoft account without a password, you must first install the Microsoft Authenticator application and link it to your personal Microsoft account.

Next, you need to go to your Microsoft account page, sign in, and enable the "Passwordless Account" in Advanced Security Options> Additional Security Options.

The final steps require you to follow the on-screen instructions and approve the notification displayed by the Authenticator application.

More information on using the passwordless login method is available at support site of Microsoft.

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