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LG: New huge $ 325 million 1,7-inch LED TV

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema: Η LG is preparing a new direct-view LED TV 325 inches and 8K resolution. The concept is similar to The Wall TV Samsung: huge screens containing millions of LEDs. These extremely expensive TVs are very different from standard LED TVs, as they come in much larger sizes and promise better picture quality. And of course, we must not forget the difference in price. LG's new 325-inch TV is said to cost $ 1,7 million.

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LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema TV
LG: New huge $ 325 million 1,7-inch LED TV

Η DVLED Extreme Home Cinema LG TVs are available in different sizes (108 to 325 inches) and resolutions (HD to 8K). Unlike most TVs, however, it is available in different resolutions in the same size.

The company previously provided these monitors to specific buyers (for commercial purposes), but now anyone can buy them. As long as, of course, it has the financial capacity.

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The LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema differs from standard LED TVs, which are actually LCD TVs with LED backlighting. A Direct View LED, like LG's new huge TV, creates images directly from LEDs offering a better viewing experience, as contrasts, brightness and colors are of higher quality.

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According to Dan Smith, vice president of LG Electronics USA in the field of DVLED screens, this TV could be described as the supercar of home display technologies, offering amazing quality and performance. Of course, it is aimed at those who can support a luxurious lifestyle and who want something unique and impressive. Dan Smith added that the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display technology has been designed to work efficiently and deliver stunning graphics for over 10 years.


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