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Grace Hopper cable: Google's submarine cable has arrived in the UK!

The newest underwater cable (internet cable) of Google arrived in the United Kingdom. The cable, known as Grace Hopper cable, connects New York, the United Kingdom and Spain (3.900 miles) and arrived in Bude, England on Tuesday. Another end of the cable had reached Bilbao, Spain, earlier this month.

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Google Grace Hopper submarine cable
Google: Grace Hopper submarine cable almost ready!

"Grace Hopper cable represents a new generation of transatlantic cable coming to the UK coast and is one of the first new cables connecting the US and the UK since 2003", Said the Jane Stowell, a Google executive involved in global infrastructure. Google's goal with this new submarine cable is to significantly increase the available bandwidth to serve services such as Google Meet, gmail and Google Cloud. 

The Grace Hopper cable connecting New York, the United Kingdom and Spain is designed to sends up to 350 terabytes of data per second and yes reduces internet outages with fiber switching, Google said.

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The internet cable is named after the pioneer in the field of information technology, Grace Hopper. Hopper helped create it Mark I Computer, while he also coined the word "bug" to describe malfunctions in a computer.

Grace Hopper cable

Google is working with SubCom, a New Jersey telecommunications equipment provider for cable construction. Both companies use new fiber optics designed for better internet connectivity and reliability.

A Google spokesman said the Grace Hopper web cable would be fully operational next year.

However, Grace Hopper is not Google's only submarine cable. Earlier this year, the company announced the submarine internet cable Firmine, which will extend from the East Coast of the USA to Argentina.

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Also in July, Google announced a partnership with Sparkle to create Blue and Raman submarine systems.

Source: CNET

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