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Razer makes "Gaming Finger Sleeves"

Razer has already produced gaming screens, headphones, mice, keyboards, toasters, Chroma-enabled mug cases, chairs, controls, plush animals, clothing, laptops, desktops, headphones, glasses that are also headphones and much more . The company, however, does not seem to run out of ideas as to what it needs to create next to maximize your potential.

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The ultimate key tool for one gamer are the rings that cost $ 9,99, with two included in each package. They are called "Gaming Finger Sleeves" and Razer says they are made of "smooth high-sensitivity fabric".

As you might have hoped, they are light and breathable. It is very annoying for players to warm their fingers during an intense game, so it is good that Razer thought about it.

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But why stop at the fingers? If you are a real player, you will also cover your toes. And don't worry, the Razer "Gaming Finger Sleeves" are washable.

Source of information: theverge.com

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