HomesecurityThe Meris botnet attacks the KrebsOnSecurity website

The Meris botnet attacks the KrebsOnSecurity website

KrebsOnSecurity is a frequent target of hackers and is now targeted by a powerful botnet. The site, which is managed by security expert Brian Krebs, was attacked by the "Meris" botnet on Thursday night.


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Meris is a new botnet powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT products, computers, home appliances - including cameras, videos, TVs, and routers - that are hacked become "slave nodes" in a botnet network and can then be used to carry out denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

In this case, Meris consists of a huge number of MikroTik routers. According to Qrator Labs and Yandex, Meris first appeared in late June and is still "growing".

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Meris reminds us a lot of Mirai, a botnet famous for removing large parts of the internet in 2016, but the team says that may not be the right comparison right now.

Mirai's source code was later leaked, causing many variations to appear continue to operate.

Krebs says the DDoS attack was larger than the one launched against KrebsOnSecurity in 2016 by a Mirai operator.

The security expert says that the volume of traffic launched by the botnet was more than "four times" that of Mirai, reaching more than two million requests per second.

The domain is now protected under Google Project Shield.

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It is also suspected that Meris is behind two other major attacks this year, the one against Yandex last week and a major attack on Cloudflare in July, with 17,2 million requests per second.

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